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  • Atlas K-12 Curriculum Maps

    The Lakeview School District Curriculum Office is pleased to announce the launch of the Lakeview Atlas Curriculum Mapping System. This system allows parents, educators, and students the ability to easily view the curriculum expectations of each grade level and subject area. We believe that this valuable tool will provide a consistent and clear understanding for all stakeholders of the teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms.

    These curriculum maps within Atlas are a result of the collaborative effort of Lakeview's K-12 teaching staff, and administrators. Educators worked together in various groupings, beyond the scope of grade level and subject area to make certain that the content provides the well-developed foundation for each Lakeview student.

    We hope that you utilize Atlas and provide us with feedback as we strive together to fulfill the Lakeview School District's vision of preparing students for success in a chaning world.

    To access this powerful tool click on the Lakeview Atlas link and follow the directions below.

    Accessing the Lakeview School District Curriculum

    The Browse tab allows you to search by grade level and subject area.

    • Click on the Browse tab.
    • Filter by Grade Level and/or Subject.
    • Click on the Browse button within the filter box.
    • Click on the Course link that you would like to view (e.g., Science 1, Physical Education 4, etc.)

    Please note that Lakeview offers approximately 340 courses in the K-12 system.  While each course is represented in Atlas, there are some courses that are still in the process of being updated in the system.  These updates are a part of our continuous curricular review and improvement process.

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