School of Choice

School of Choice Information 24-25
  • What is the difference between School of Choice and In-District Transfer?


    School of Choice refers to a student enrolling with our district who lives outside of the Lakeview School District boundaries.  In order for a non-resident student to enroll, the family must apply for School of Choice during the application window and be approved to attend.  Once a student is approved as a School of Choice student in our district and attending with us, their School of Choice status qualifies the student to attend with us as long as they remain an active student in our district.  Families do not need to re-apply each year.  


    In-District Transfer refers to an elementary student who resides in the Lakeview School District, but would like to attend at a different elementary building than where their home address is zoned to attend.  If a family decides to apply for In-District Transfer for their student, busing will not be provided as we can only offer busing to students who are attending at their resident building.  In-District Transfer request applications were available from Monday, April 15 - Tuesday, May 14 for the 2024-2025 school year.